Injectors - Clean or Replace?

Chemically cleaning the injectors on the ear through the rail, has severe limitations and risks involved. Most major OEMs do not recommend this practice, but rather recommend the injectors to be replaced or SONICALLY CLEANED off the automobile. Replacing injectors can be expensive and with no guarantee of a match (to the remaining injectors for set points and flow rates).

What is the solution then?
Sonically cleaning the injectors off the car and bench testing injectors.
Our injectors are sold only in sets. Please call for prices.
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10 Reasons Why You should use Rebuilt Injectors:


Flow Rate Tested, Current Draw Tested @ 250ºF, Dynamically Oscilloscope Tested on Voltage and Amperage Waveforms, Back Flushed with New Screens--O Rings and Pintle Caps installed, Tested for Leakdown, Matched Flow Rate, Tested for Uniform Pintle Opening -- Stable Pintle Closing and Proper Amplitude for Inductive Kick, Lifetime Warranty (on Denso and Bosch replacements) + 1-year Labor Warranty, Less than 1/4 the Cost of New Injectors, Uniform Spray Pattern Testing.

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