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Welcome to Ohio ATS. We provide a number of services that will get you on your way to better automotive repair, maintenance, and high-end upgrades. We offer technical training seminars, DVD training programs with instructional manuals, testing tips, and our well known fuel injector service.
  Bill Fulton can also provide training for your group or organization. Call our office for more information.
Chemically cleaning the injectors on the ear through the rail, has severe limitations and risks involved. Most major OEMs do not recommend this practice, but rather recommend the injectors to be replaced or SONICALLY CLEANED off the automobile. Replacing injectors can be expensive and with no guarantee of a match .
What is the solution then?

Advanced Engine Performance
Misfire Diagnostices
5 Gas Infared
Enhanced Ford On Board Diagnostics
OBD 1 vs OBD II Systems
Toyota EFI Diagnostics
and more!

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